11 Best Places for Visit in Shimla

places for visit in shimla

Shimla’s majestic snow-clad mountains, stunningly rich greenery, and beautiful lakes welcome you to enjoy their timeless beauty. Certain places on the planet can boast of being as beautiful as, if not more so than, Shimla. However, places for visit in Shimla, the most visited tourist destination, have an incomparable magic in the air. It’s no surprise that it’s known as the “Queen of Hill Stations.”

When the British ruled India, the land captivated their minds so much that it became their summer capital. The British presence is clearly visible in its architecture. Shimla has the advantage of being accessible at all times of the year. Here are some most attractive places for visit in Shimla.

Leading Places To Visit in Shimla

1. The Ridge

places for visit in shimla

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Well Known For: Nature, photography, and shopping.

Entry fee: None

Timings: Open daily from 8am to 6pm

Duration: 3-4 hours

The Ridge is the most photographed wide-open street on the side of Shimla Mall Road, located in the heart of the ‘British Summer Capital’ – Shimla. 

The Ridge has it all, from shops selling unique artifacts to a breathtaking view of the snow-capped mountain ranges. 

It is well-known for many things, but it is best known for shopping and serving as the city’s social hub. Shimla’s rich history seen in the Gothic structures that still stand in this area of town.

The famous Mall Road lined with cafes, bars, boutiques, shops, and restaurants, attracting a large crowd. 

It runs along the side of the Mall Road from east to west, connecting it to the famous Scandal Point on the west end. 

Connected to the Lakkar Bazaar, Shimla’s most famous wooden crafts market, on the east end.

2. Mall Road, Best Time to Visit Shimla

places for visit in shimla

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Well known for: Shopping, cuisine, photography, tourist attractionA

Admission fee: None

Open Hours: Every day

Duration: Up to 4 hours

The Mall Road is a must-see for couples looking for places to visit in Shimla. Aside from that, the location is a hip and happening location in this hill station that attracts visitors of all ages.

This is one place where you can soak in the spirit of Shimla in all its touristy delights, with a plethora of cafes, restaurants, showrooms, departmental stores, and shops selling trinkets and exclusive handicraft works. 

You can buy everything from jewellery and books to intricately crafted wooden articles here. At the same time, you can visit nearby attractions such as the Kali Bari Temple, Town Hall, Gaiety Theatre, and Scandal Point.

3. Kalka–Shimla Railway

places for visit in shimla

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Well known For: Nature, photography, railways, and history

Admission fee: None

Opening Hours: Every day.

Duration is determined by the railway station stop.

Along with the Mountain Railways of India, the Kalka- Shimla Railway is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Built by the British in 1898 to connect Shimla to other railway lines in India. It connects Kalka (a town in Haryana) and Shimla. 

It passes through many tourist destinations, including Summer Hill, Solan, and others. A rail trip along this line will provide viewers with breathtaking views, and the journey through numerous tunnels and bridges will provide an unforgettable experience.

4. Places for Visit in Shimla, Jakhoo Hill

places for visit in shimla

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Hours of operation: 5:00 AM – 12:00 PM, 4:00 PM – 9:00 PM

There is no entry fee.

Ropeway Ticket Price: Adults

The highest point of Shimla, Jakhoo Hill, covered in a canopy of alpine trees and provides picturesque views of the snow-capped Shivalik Ranges and Sanjauli, Shimla’s sister town. 

The world’s tallest Hanuman statue (108 feet), which housed in an ancient temple atop Jakhoo Hill at an elevation of 8000 feet above sea level, sits there. Hanuman is a Hindu god. 

It draws both enthusiasts and tourists due to its mystique and stories. 

According to local mythology, the temple located exactly where Lord Hanuman took a little break while travelling to carry the Sanjeevani Booti for Lakshman’s rebirth during the Lankan War.

5. Kufri, Best Places to Visit in Shimla

places for visit in shimla

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Hours of operation:  9:00 AM to 6:00 PM on all days

Entry Fee: There is no entry fee.

Kufri, located 16 kilometers from Shimla’s main city, is a renowned tourist destination noted for its snow-covered peaks, skiing, and the Kufri Zoo. 

To get to Kufri, visitors must either climb or take a pony from the parking lot. The primary attractions in Kufri are Mahasu Peak and Fagu Valley.

You may also go karting at Kufri Fun World, which offers the world’s highest Go-Karting course. 

After lunch, you can take a pony back to the parking lot and continue on to the Indira Tourist Park.


6. Christ Church, Shimla

places for visit in shimla

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Timings: 8:00 am to 6:00 pm; on all days

Time Required: 1-2 hours

Entry Fee: No entry fee

Christ Church, a significant landmark in Shimla, is the second oldest church in Northern India and possesses extraordinary architectural beauty. 

It is an outstanding example of neo-Gothic architecture. The ancient church built in 1857 and is placed on the Ridge. 

The outline of this massive edifice is apparent from afar, an enduring legacy of the colonial overlords. 

It creates a vision of unparalleled beauty, with stained glass windows, a brass church bell, and dramatic towers. 

While the church appears stately during the day, when illuminated at night, it transforms into an exquisite sight. It also houses India’s largest pipe organ. 

Even if you have a short itinerary of attractions to visit in Shimla in two days, do not overlook this magnificent attraction.

7. Chadwick Falls, Places to Visit in Shimla

places for visit in shimla

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Time Required : 1-2 hours

Entry Fee: No entry fee

Chadwick Falls is a white cascading wonder hidden among lush pine and deodar trees. This particular feature is a visual treat as it cascades down the gorge. The falls plunge from a height of 86 metres, producing a natural painting.

Chadwick Falls is one of Shimla’s most prominent tourist attractions, attracting nature lovers to this state of mountains, meadows, waterfalls, and streams.

The greatest time to visit Chadwick Falls is during the monsoon season, between July and September, when the falls are at their most spectacular due to an increase in water level.

8. Green Valley

best time to visit shimla

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1 day is required.

Fee: There is no entry cost.

The Green Valley is a lovely and breathtaking mountain region on the road from Shimla to Kufri. 

The Green Valley flanked on all sides by beautiful hills covered in dense pine and deodar trees. It is not uncommon to see Yaks roaming and grazing in the valley. 

Despite the fact that the area not developed for tourism, it continues to attract visitors due to the lush deodar and pine trees that line the gorgeous hills. 

Rare creatures are occasionally spotted here. The Green Valley has also appeared in a number of Bollywood films due to its beauty and grace.

9. Kali Bari Temple

best time to visit shimla

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Timings : 6:00 AM – 7:00 PM

Time Required : 1-2 hours

Entry Fee : No entry fee

Shimla’s Kali Bari Temple is an ancient temple of worship devoted to Goddess Kali. 

Built in 1845 and regarded as extremely religiously significant by followers. 

The temple holds an enthralling idol of Goddess Kali, which is lavishly decorated with jewellery and colourful flowers. Located in Shimla, very close to the Shimla City Mall, and is frequently visited by a huge number of devotees. 

The temple grounds always kept clean and well-maintained, and worshippers can sit here for hours soaking in the divine vibe. 

Many people like chanting or meditation here to examine challenges they are having as they seek Goddess Kali’s power and energy to face and combat them.

10. Places for Visit in Shimla Summer Hill

best time to visit shimla

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Summer Hill is a Shimla neighborhood located 5 kilometers from the capital city. It is one of the top spots to visit in Shimla because of its magnificent natural beauty of thick flora. This attraction’s overlooks provide continuous panoramic views of hills surrounded by lush pine and deodar forests, with a color-changing sky in the background.

Summer Hill, also known as Potter’s Hill, was where potters used to gather clay to produce pots. The hill is one of the seven hills that comprise Shimla’s hill town, ensuring the majestic beauty of nature in full bloom to fill your heart with pleasure and happiness.

11. Indian Institute of Advanced Study

best time to visit shimla

Source: wikimedia.org


Tuesday to Sunday: 9:00 am to 5:00 pm

Tuesday to Sunday: 9:00 am to 7:00 pm

Mondays Closed

Entry fee: 

₹ 40 per person for Indians

₹ 85 per person for foreigners

₹ 20 per person for Garden Visit

Do you want to go to the historic site where the decision to separate Pakistan and East Pakistan from India made in the days leading up to the country’s independence? 

Then you must make your way to Shimla to the Indian Institute of Advanced Study. 

The building, which is one of the most prominent places to visit in Shimla and Manali, was originally erected as a mansion for Lord Dufferin, the Viceroy of India from 1884 to 1888. 

It’s known as the Viceregal Lodge at the time, and the majestic edifice had electricity connected as early as 1888, long before the rest of Shimla began to use electric power in any form. 

After India attained independence, the location served as the country’s president’s summer residence. Also known as Rashtrapati Niwas before converted into a center for advanced study and research. 

The structure is notable for its majestic Victorian architecture and majesty.

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