8 Most Haunted Places in Ahmedabad

Most Haunted Place in Ahmedabad

Ahmedabad known for its rich culture street food establishments and cotton-based textiles. Activities to take part in things to do in Ahmedabad could be an extremely long list comprising shopping, sightseeing eating, and more. Adventurous and unorthodox travelers who don’t really care about the haunting tourist destinations to go must visit these most haunted places in Ahmedabad. There’s this list of scary places in Ahmedabad that will scare you.

Each city is home to a creepy story of one or the other, so how could Ahmedabad not have one? Here are a few of the most haunted locations in Ahmedabad.

The Most Haunted Places in Ahmedabad

1. Gujarat Technological University Campus

 most haunted places in Ahmedabad
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The ghost of a woman seen in the hallways of the GTU campus of Ahmedabad. The security guards have frequently complained that they have heard the cries of a woman. Doors opened and closing without a trace and tables and sounds of chairs tossed around the room.

According to some, even the lifts have witnessed supernatural activity and the peon also suffers from mental illness. Three years later, nobody is capable of confirming any of the claims or confirm any evidence of presence.

2. Signature Farms

 most haunted places in Ahmedabad
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The people who visit this spot truly feel the excitement of being among ghosts. It’s regarded as one of the more haunted spots in Ahmedabad. The farm filled with broken statues and sculptures. Tourists say that Buddha and horses appears cut vertically across the middle. Signature Farm feels more haunted because there aren’t any housing, people or mobile networks within the area. Thus, it is the one of the most haunted places in Ahmedabad.

Popular Legend Locals say that this area witnessed the enslavement of the villager in the past. In the years since they are said to roam around the haunted farm.

3. Haunted Tree Located in Chandkheda

haunted locations in Ahmedabad
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According to legend this tree in Chandkheda believed to be the home of the evil spirits.

Chandkheda is a developed area in Ahmedabad. However, there’s an old tree located on the route believed to haunt people. People have an opinion that the tree haunted by a wicked spirit and that if you go close to the tree at sunset, you be haunted by nightmares of a bizarre nature.

4. Dumas Beach, Surat

 most haunted places in Ahmedabad
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Dumas Beach, one of the most haunted beaches near Ahmedabad Gujarat.

It is among the most haunted locations within Gujarat, Dumas Beach is not for the faint of heart. Located about 21 kilometers southwest of the city of Surat. The beach is popular with students at college and thrill-seekers who love to play with the natural laws. In addition to the white sand that is smooth and black and the clean water of the beach The beach is also famous for its mystery of its background.

Many locals believe that the beach was an old Hindu cremation site. In reality, they believe that the black sand on the beach is due to the ash resulting from the cremation which was then in the mix into the sand.

The Haunting Story of Dumas Beach:

People believe that these ghosts don’t fulfill mortal desires and that they are roaming on the beaches to terrorize the guests. Many have reported seeing odd things and hearing loud laughter in the vicinity. There isn’t much information concerning the most haunted beach in Gujarat since a large number of guests have gone missing when they walked onto the beach

Tips: No one allowed to go to the beach after dark.

5. Bagodara Road, Ahmedabad-Rajkot (59 km away from Ahmedabad)

 most haunted places in Ahmedabad
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Bagodara is a small city situated on National Highway 47, situated in the middle of Ahmedabad towards Rajkot. The highway that runs through believed to be a danger because it has been the cause of many accidents and accidents. The drivers who travel on this road at the night have reported hearing bizarre noises that they believe to be from supernatural activity.

A popular story: This road believed to entice drivers and create accidents in the evening. People have reported seeing strange women and people begging on the streets around here.


6. Akash Ganga, Sola Road

This is an extremely happening and bustling road that runs through the town of Ahmedabad. On this street there is a house named Akash Ganga believed to haunted by spirits. The legend behind this is that, around three years ago, a man purchased the house to move into the old house. The old house did not look appealing, so he shelled out an enormous amount of money to have the entire building renovated.

When the work completed, the man seated and woke up, he could hear the constant crying and shouts of a woman who appeared to be being assaulted. The sound was so intense and aguish-inducing that the neighbors became terrified. The man hid his family with him and ran away from the house and never to return.

7. Balasinor

 most haunted places in Ahmedabad

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There is a belief to have seen reports of ghosts in the form of people, and several have reported hearing strange noises from an individual during nighttime.

Balasinor is a tiny town located 87km away from Ahmedabad located in the Mahisagar district of Gujarat. Paleontologists found dinosaur fossils in this region in a geological study. Today, it’s believed that around 13 distinct species of dinosaurs found in the area.

People have reported seeing dead bodies mutilated roaming about in the region. A lot of people have complained about hearing the wailing of women. Visitors have reported hearing a variety of sounding noises and mysterious noises at the night.

8. Manjalpur

Many claim to have observed the lights turn off and on its on their own. People say that they saw the elevator moving up and down inside the abandoned building.

A demolished structure in Manjalpur an upscale residential neighborhood located in Vadodara. It’s believed that the place haunted by spirits. As per reports, some have witnessed the lights in this structure turning off and on in the evenings. A few have complained about the elevator moving up and down with no human intervention. In light of these reports, many people advised to stay clear of going to a building that is not known during the evening hours.

These were the most haunted places in Ahmedabad. I hope you liked our blog.

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