11 Best Beaches Near Bangalore: The Perfect Summer Escape

Arambol beach: Best Family picnic beach near bangalore

Bangalore is one of the most visited cities in India, a bustling metropolitan hub that has something for everyone. One of the best things about Bangalore is its proximity to some of the most beautiful beaches in South India. Whether you want to escape the summer heat or just need to get away from work, here are 10 of the best beaches near Bangalore that will keep you cool and refreshed all day long.

1. Pondicherry Beach: Best Beach near bangalore

Pondicherry Beach Near Bangalore
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Pondicherry Beach Near Bangalore
Source: https://hikerwolf.com/

The famous French colonial port of Pondicherry is an ideal summer escape. The beach is located in the Indian state of Tamil Nadu and is just 4 hours away from Bangalore. This fishing village has a long history as a tourist destination and has been recognized by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site. With so many great restaurants, shops and monuments to explore, there’s plenty to do when you visit this historic beach town.

Distance from Bangalore to Pondicherry beach is 6 hr 58 min (363.0 km) via NH 48.

Things to do in Pondicherry beach

For a weekend getaway, you can visit the following beaches near Pondicherry: Auroville Beach (or Rock Beach), Mahe Beach (or Serenity Beach), and Mahe Beach (or Mahe Beach). We guarantee you won’t want to go back after you visit these beautiful beaches.

Location: Pondicherry city 350 km from bangalore.

2. Avani Beach Near Bangalore: Distance is 488 KM

Avani Beach Near Bangalore
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Avani Beach Near Bangalore

Avani Beach is one of the most popular beaches in Karnataka, situated a little over 50 miles from Bangalore. This beautiful beach is lined with palm trees and offers visitors the chance to enjoy uninterrupted views of the Arabian Sea.

Avani Beach is a fantastic getaway location for families since there are a variety of activities to keep kids entertained like sand castles, volleyball, and swimming.

Location: 488 km far from bangalore this beach is in the karnataka

3. Udupi Beach: Famous Beach Near Bangalore

Udupi Beach: Famous Beach Near Bangalore
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Udupi Beach: Famous Beach Near Bangalore
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The most popular beach near Bangalore is Udupi Beach. This picturesque beach has a range of tourist attractions and activities, like the Krishna temple and boat rides on the Netravati River. If you want to escape the city, this is your spot.

This beach is very popular among tourists who want to escape the city. The Netravati River provides boat rides and a Krishna temple that offers a relaxing religious experience for those looking for it. Udupi Beach has all sorts of activities, from fishing to kite fighting (with nets). This tourist mecca will keep you enthralled with its vast array of entertainment options.

This picturesque destination hosts many great attractions like the Krishna Temple and boat rides on the Netravati River if you’re in search of an escape from your busy life in town! There are plenty more things happening at this spot too: there’s also fishing or even some light kite-fighting using nets as well which makes it a perfect place for everyone!

Location: Gokarna, Karnataka

Things to do: snorkeling, kayaking, Trekking, parasailing, banana boat riding

4. Gokarna Beach: 488 km from bangalore

Gokarna Beach: 488 km from bangalore

Gokarna is in the Uttara Kannada region of Karnataka, It is one of the most popular tourist spots in India’s southern region. Tourists from all around the globe flock to this city for its natural beauty and rustic charm. Gokarna is a popular place to visit in Bangalore for all the right reasons.

Gokarna  is Just a two-hour drive away from Bangalore, Gokarna Beach is one of the most popular beaches in India. It has a stretch of shoreline that is perfect for long walks and runs, with plenty of shade from the canopy of trees.

Location: Gokarna, Karnataka

Things to do: Photography, parasailing, Trekking

5. Arambol beach: Best Family picnic beach near bangalore

Arambol beach: Best Family picnic beach near bangalore

Arambol is a hub for yoga, meditation and other alternative therapies. This is one of the best beaches near bangalore. Its beach is popular with backpackers as well as bohemians. There are many shacks on the beach where you can enjoy delicious seafood and listen to pleasant music, while on the other side there are bars that host live music at night.

Arambol beach is one of the most popular beaches in Goa and attracts many tourists throughout the year. This is a must-see beach near Bangalore. Arambol beach offers many watersports. You should also visit Keri or Mandrem beach, which are located close to Arambol beach.

The lanes in the interior are lined with casual shops that sell souvenirs and clothing, as well as low-key accommodation.

Location: Beach in Arambol, Goa

Things to do: Surfing, Yoga, Photography, Food Carts

6. Kovalam beach: Popular beach near bangalore

6. Kovalam beach: Popular beach near bangalore

Kovalam, a small town on the coast of Kerala in southern India, is south of Thiruvananthapuram. A striped lighthouse can be found at the southern end of Lighthouse Beach. It has a viewing platform. Samudra Beach and Hawa Beach are other palm-backed beaches.

Kovalam beaches are the best place to enjoy beach life. The Kovalam beaches are famous beaches in Kerala that are surrounded by coconut trees, and can be found in Kerala. It is a peaceful spot to relax on the white sand beach. This beach is a great place to relax and unwind for hours. Enjoy some quiet time at this spot and forget about all your worries.

Location: Gokarna, Karnataka

Things to do: Trekking, snorkeling, kayaking, parasailing, banana boat riding

7. Auroville Beach

Auroville Beach

A trip of about an hour from Bangalore will bring you to charming Auroville Beach located in the close vicinity of Puducherry town. Also called Auro Beach, it lies on the shoreline of Bay of Bengal. The gentle waves and shallow waters of the beach provide an ideal excuse to swim. 

If you enjoy collecting colorful shells, then you’ll be able to enjoy a wonderful time at the beach. It’s a place which is often crowded on the weekend. Therefore, if you’d like to have a relaxing trip make sure to plan your visit on the weekdays.

Location: puducherry

Things to do: swimming in the cool waters, enjoying local delicacies, Lazing around on the beach, water sports 

8. Om Beach

Om beach near bangalore

Om Beach got its name from Om which is the Hindu sacred symbol. This beach got this name because of its natural shape that resembles the Om symbol. The place attracts tourists as well as those who have a religious bent of mind. For those seeking an exciting beach getaway, Om Beach can be the perfect solution.

This beach is famous for its water sports activities. You can take part in many water-based sports like surfing, speedboat rides and dolphin-spotting. You can also take a fishing lesson!

Location: Gokarna, Karnataka

Things to do: Jet skiing, fishing trips, speed boating, banana boat riding, parasailing, surfing

9. Malpe Beach

Malpe Beach

It’s not a mistake to describe Malpe to be one of the beaches that aren’t explored as much in India. The beach is only 6 kilometers from Udupi. A never-ending coastline, endless streaks of golden sand sparkling seas of Arabian Sea, swaying palm trees and the blue sky and the blue sky all combine to create Malpe Beach a one-of-its-kind destination.

One interesting thing to consider is that this is one of the very first Indian beach to offer 24-hour Wi-Fi. However, who really needs it when you’re in the area of breathtaking views you must ask yourself?

Location: Udupi, Karnataka

Things to do: Photography, Beach walk, Boating, swimming 

10. Surathkal Beach

Surathkal Beach Lighthouse

The beach is located on the shores that lie along the shores of Arabian Sea, Surathkal Beach is located in a tranquil area of Mangalore. Surathkal Beach is an undiscovered treasure that has yet to catch the attention of visitors. If you’re looking to spend your time at the ocean, but far from the crowds that are a nuisance You can always depend on Surathkal. Surathkal Beach has the lighthouse, which is located on a rock hillock, which is accessible at night to catch an overview of the stunning landscape and the sea.

What about watching the village fishermen embarking aboard fishing boats? Take a stroll along the beach in the early morning and you will see fishermen at work. If you have time to spare, you should consider going to some of the most important points of interest in the village like the old Sadashiva Temple and Sacred Heart Church.

Location: Mangalore, Karnataka

Things to do: Enjoying family time,Visit the lighthouse, Sunset photography

11. Panambur Beach Mangalore

Panambur Beach
Panambur Beach Mangalore

It is located to the north of Mangalore Port, Panambur Beach is considered to be one of the best-maintained beaches in India. It also earns its place among the top frequented beaches along the coast of Karnataka. If you’re an adventurous person there is plenty to see and do here. Beginning with watersports and other adventures You can choose for the buggy ride, horse rides, or even camel rides.

The beach is definitely the perfect spot for enjoyable time with your family and your friends. As the day fades into the evening, and the sun sets, painting the ocean and the surrounding area with stunning hues and colors, you can experience a stunning sunset. Be sure to bring along your camera and shutterbug. You won’t be able to snap postcard-worthy images every single day!

Location: Mangalore, Karnataka

Things to do: Parasailing, Swimming, Pre- wedding photography, boating, Ride jet skiing, surfing 


These are the some of the best beaches near bangalore from our side. We will keep updateing the list so keep coming. and if you have any suggestion for us then please feel free to comment.

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